About Us

We are "Femme fatale" - a small team of young people who firmly believe that a woman should take care of herself and her well-being by relying on luxury and style in the lingerie she wears.

The author of our fashion temptations - Victoria Popstoeva is the fragile 24 years old and from a young age has an affinity for the beautiful and unconventional, she was a model and the world of fashion, where she currently appears as a designer, has always been her dream. She started her own business with the idea of helping more ladies feel sexy, provocative, feminine and above all desirable.


We have an online only store that also offers international deliveries. The company was founded in 2019 and since 2020 has been creating designer lingerie for temptresses that any housewife or business lady, teenager or mature woman, with ideal or not so proportions would feel comfortable and confident in. We offer unique creations for the beautiful female body, selecting the fabrics with precision and striving to maintain a high standard of selected fabrics, cut and seam, and last but not least the overall finished look of our products, which also deserve the best luxury packaging. In a box with a satin pouch you will receive lingerie with an irresistible look created from high quality lace, tulle, satin and elastic...

We believe that to be daring is to live outside the box, with self-love and an affinity for fun. We're convinced that there's a real passion slumbering inside every Eve that needs to be given expression, and we'd love it if you asserted yourself assertively and fiercely by taking a chance on the fabulous delights we lovingly create for you. We want satisfied men and even more satisfied women who are remembered. For more self-confidence, we're of the opinion that you absolutely must pamper yourself. We believe that a lady should live with herself in mind and strive to look flawless on a weekday and a holiday.

With our sexy lingerie, pajamas, nightgowns and accessories for bold women, your nights will become long and filled with hot experiences. Don't be afraid to experiment with the look under your clothes, and opt for something fresh and unconventional that will demonstrate your promiscuity without escaping good taste!
Do not buy such things for special occasions!
Every day is special and an occasion to be beautiful with lingerie created by women for women.